Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BR 2-18:Time travel: The Dinosaurs (Brasch, Tate, 2007)

'Charlie was too, because he always went where Georgia went.' (Branch, Tate, p. 16) 

The story is about time travel of two kids. When they went inside the tree trunk and pushed a button, it happened. They arrived in a dangerous jungle and fled the space. The sentence above shows us that Georgia was a very generous girl compared with her brother, Charlie.
[48 words]

Brasch, Nicolas. Tate, Russell. (2007). Time Travel: The Dinosaurs. Melbourne, Australia: Thomson Nelson.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BR 2-17: Around the World in Eighty Days (Verne, 2008)

"The world is smaller." (Verne, p.4)

Phileas Fogg, a rich man, was thinking about travelling around the world in 80 days with a bet. At first, no one of his friends believed his idea but he realized with his companies. The sentence above is the expression compared with "the world is very big. The robber can hide anywhere." (p.4) It means that a bank robber can hide around the big world but now there are railways so the police can arrest easily.

After reading this book, I found that because of not only the development of vehicles but also Phileas's nice negotiating skill and kindness, he became successful. He is so tolerant that he took some people needed help to his trip. 
[116 words]
Verne, Jules. (2008). Around the World in Eighty Days. Oxford, England: Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Speaking 4: Comments for Sports Presentation

I attended Miri's presentation in the 3rd period on January 13 at the building No. 11. She talked about fencing. Her good point  is the introduction of famous fencing players. She showed me a Japanese player, Yuki Ota and I thought that was really appropriate for this presentation. On the other hand, she talked a little fast.

At the same time, I watched Seina's presentation. She talked about Roller Derby. Her presentation was well-organized and I think she researched the sport from a variety of angles. However, I was sometimes concerned about her grammar.

2 days later, I watched Akino's presentation in the afternoon at bakery. She talked about Squash. It was easy to read her slides because she divided some articles. However, she read her script so often.

Then I watched Yuka's presentation in the morning on January 19 at the library. She was talking about Decathlon. She showed me many kinds of rotation. On the other hand, there were a page which was consisted in only graphics.

Finally, Karin made a presentation for me in the 3rd period of yesterday at building No. 11. She introduced Lacrosse. I'd heard that sports but I didn't know well. She talked about it really specifically but the letters in her slide was too small.
[213 words]

BR 2-15: Diana ~Princess of Wales~ (Vicary, 1998)

"It's OK to touch people with AIDS," (Vicary, p.14) 

Diana Princess of Wales was one of the most famous and kind women in the world. She got married with Prince Charles but divorced. She helped many people in difficulties such as AIDS, lepers and deprivation. At that time, people were afraid to touch AIDS patients, so she said the sentence above and hugged  them. I like her snuggling against the heart of ordinary people.
[65  words]

Vicary, Tim. (1998). Diana  -Princess of Wales-. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

BR 2-16: The Umbrella (Harris, 2005)

"Keep my red umbrella. I like this umbrella. It's a lucky umbrella. This is my lucky day!" (Harris, p. 16) 

The story is about providing a spark for the old umbrella to meet. Also, the unfoldment makes us think about their love. At first, Carla was very angry but she seemed she liked Paul as she knew him. Then she looked so happy. After reading this, I found that we couldn't  think about our destiny.
[55 words]

Harris, Clrare. (2005). The Umbrella. Oxford, England: Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Friday, January 16, 2015

BR 2-14: Scotland (Flinders, 1998)

'It is a country in a country.' (Flinders, p.1)

This book tells you all about Scotland. Scotland is a country, but it is a part of the United Kingdom and Northen Ireland. As for Japanese, the sentence above sounds really strange and unique. Although Scots are British, they have its own culture. They speak English but some words are different.

The book introduces the main cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scottish history, famous places, traditional clothes, Scottish food and drink. They have so unique culture that I'd like to visit someday.

[83 words]

Flinders, Steve. (1998). Scotland. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

BR 2-13: Fixing Cars (Holt, Nickel, 2007)

"I guess playing around with cars can be useful after all." (Holt, Nickel, p.24)

This is the story of a girl who really likes fixing cars. In other word, a personality and one's talent is very important. At first, her parents judged her based on girls' stereotype such as girls should have learned to cook and clean however she wasn't into them. Then they found that her special qualification was also important after they were helped by their daughter. Her teacher, grandpa and her friend had already noticed her potential. 

After reading this, I thought that personality and potential were important and we should admire someone's ability. That's why her teacher called her fixing cars a gift. 
[103 words]

Holt, Sharon. Nichel, Adam. (2007). Fixing Cars. Melbourne, Australia: Thomson Nelson.